14 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Philips & Flathead Screwdrivers:

Both screwdrivers are needed, so make sure a wide range of sizes is available.

Tape Measure:

When you move in for the first time, this is extremely useful, but you'll find yourself using it repeatedly.


Put an end to guesswork when hanging paintings, decorations, and more.

Crescent Wrench:

A nut can be unscrewed without damaging the edges. Most household tasks can be handled with an adjustable one.

Power Drill:

Screwdrivers are ideal for home improvement projects requiring more power, but an electric drill is far superior.


Pliers are necessary for almost any work that involves bending, gripping, or snipping metal.


Make sure it has a rubber grip to absorb shock.

Nail Set:

Get nails of a few different sizes, then get a nail set to put the nails deep enough that they don't stick out of walls.

Utility Knife:

Box cutters can be helpful in various situations, but this tool will always be handy if a pair of scissors is not enough.


With a flashlight, you can efficiently work in attics, crawlspaces, and even under the sink.

Extension Cord:

Increasing the reach of miscellaneous power tools can be helpful if you're doing yard work. 

Ladder or Step Stool:

A ladder comes in handy more than once, from indoor painting to outdoor landscaping.

Stud Finder:

A stud finder will allow you to know where to hang heavier decorations or shelves, which is essential. 


With this tool, you can store your tools in one place and ensure they're in the right place when you need them. 

Those on a budget who want all of these tools can get them from Home Depot for around $125. If you decide to spend more money on it, you could spend $300-500 and then add more tools as time goes by.

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