Land types

Let's talk about land. When purchasing a house, sometimes there are land restrictions for the house's land or if there is land alongside your home. There are five most common types of land: residential, commercial, recreational, agricultural, and transport. You need to understand what each kind of land allows and does not allow if you invest in property. 


The purpose of residential property is to build a house. It could be a single-family home, a mobile home, or even an apartment complex. When building on residential property, local amenities, schools, and crime rates are a few factors. Other restrictions can involve animals (i.e., cats and dogs are A-okay, but farm animals like horses and pigs, may not be) and building size, such as how close buildings can be. 


The purpose of commercial property is to build businesses, shops, or any type of building-related to commerce. So we're talking restaurants, grocery stores, medical centers, hotels, malls, etc. Commercial property is critical to the economy. 


Recreational land means it is used for the enjoyment of the people who own the property. This could be a park, a playground, or a swimming pool. Many cities have recreational properties to help attract permanent residents and visitors. 


The purpose of agricultural land is to grow and harvest crops and livestock. That results in pastures, farms, and ranches.


Transportation property is designed to help people get from one destination to the next, i.e., roads, train stations, subways, and even airports.  


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