The Best Schools In The Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area

    Virginia schools are among the best in the country – and schools in the Hampton Roads area are no exception. This is “America’s First Region,” after all.

    These superior learning institutions enhance the area’s other draws, such as its beaches, historical attractions,and thriving economy.

    Below is a sampling of the top-rated schools in Hampton Roads. Choose from any of these schools to assure your child of a brighter future:

    Elementary Schools

    • Kingston Elementary
      Kingston Elementary is located in Virginia Beach’s elite Little Neck neighborhood where it enjoys strong support. It is known for a curriculum that provides opportunities for students to succeed both in academics and extracurricular activities. Such is the success of the Kingston Elementary school that it has celebrated 50 years of operation in the community.
    • Red Mill Elementary
      Red Mill Elementary marks itself out of the among the schools in the Virginia Beach area with its strong focus on special needs classes. Among the most stellar of classes provided by Red Mill Elementary is their Speech and Occupational therapy classes. Coupled with a strong staff that employs excellent therapists for their special needs classes, a great family atmosphere, and an involvement with the parents, Red Mill Elementary is a great choice in the area.

    Middle Schools

    • Kemps Landing Magnet
      Kemps Landing Magnet offers an alternative to the traditional academic program in the area. From specialized lessons and units that include research and independent study, applications based admission, and extra-curricular activities that include Future Problem Solving, yearbook, student newspaper, and other clubs, students are assured of a vibrant school life.Aside from academic classes, there are classes that are for the arts and dance, which are housed in the Old Donation Center. A rigorous academic curriculum, a specialized extra curricular program, and a culture of excellence are all the hallmarks of a great school – all of which Kemps Landing Magnet has.
    • Princess Anne Middle
      The Princess Anne Middle School curriculum focuses on developing students in a collaborative, creative, and open communication based environment. The result is a student body that has won numerous Southern Division and City Championships for interscholastic competitions. The music and drama department has also received several honors.

    High Schools

    • Grassfield High (Chesapeake)
      This school stands out for its cutting-edge curriculum especially-designed for students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (.STEM). A special focus on engineering and technology fully equips students for the future. It is no surprise that the school has the highest Standard of Learning (SOL) score in the region.
    • Poquoson High (Poquoson)
      This is the perfect school for children interested in pursuing careers in engineering technology and information technology. Its online AP (Advanced Placement) world language, core academic and elective courses as well as STEM curriculum, are some of the best in the region. The students’ performance in standardized tests met the Working in Support of Education’s strict criteria for a Blue Star School.
    • Tabb High (Yorktown)
      Students in this prestigious learning institution have made a name for themselves in the region. Tabb High students have won 20 state athletic championships and the school earned the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence in 2011.Apart from its strong athletics program, another proof of excellence is the fact that AP Environmental Science students recently impressed experts with their topnotch investigation of water quality in the area.
    • Hickory High School (Chesapeake)
      This school takes great pride in its standout programs for the arts and sciences. Its Wind Ensemble topped the 2014 state champions in cheerleading. Not only that its Center For Science and Technology offers one of the best special classes in technology, business, and health in the region.
    • Floyd E. Kellam High (Virginia Beach)
      Even if it opened its doors fairly recently, this two-year-old center for excellence is already considered one of the best in the area. It is known for its gifted education services and its AP curriculum, with almost half of its student population taking on AP classes. The 2014 Virginia School Boards Association’s Exhibition of School Architecture honored it with a Silver Design Award.

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